Designed an on-chain carbon credit marketplace for SENKEN, and ran extensive research to help the team further understand their users.

User Research
Lean Branding
MVP Design
Web Design
Delivered in one month
Part 1: User Research
Delivered in 1 week

Understanding the Needs and Motivations of Carbon Credit Traders.

To understand the pain points and motivations of carbon credit traders, we conducted comprehensive user research with them, and ran interviews with industry experts and project stakeholders.

Our goal was to identify key challenges faced by target users, understand the company’s business goals, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

We explored factors such as market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and user preferences. Through our research, we identified a range of challenges and pain points faced by carbon credit traders. These included complexities in navigating the trading process, lack of transparency, difficulties in verifying credits, and limited accessibility to the marketplace.

Additionally, we identified opportunities for improvement within the trading ecosystem. These opportunities included streamlining the user experience, enhancing transparency, simplifying the verification process, and improving accessibility for a wider range of traders - especially on the blockchain.

By gaining insights into these challenges and opportunities, we were able to inform the following phases of the project and ensure that our design solutions were grounded in a thorough understanding of user needs.

Part 2: Lean Branding
Delivered in 1 week

Visualizing the Senken Brand

With a deeper understanding of carbon credit traders' pain points and motivations, in addition to Senken’s business goals and outlook, we focused on developing a lean branding strategy for Senken. The brand identity aimed to resonate with the target audience and convey Senken’s values of transparency, trust, and sustainability.

We conducted a branding workshop with key stakeholders to refine and visualize the Senken brand, define its personality, positioning, and messaging. This allowed us to align the brand's visual identity with its strategic goals.

With insights from the branding workshop, we created a compelling brand identity that incorporated clean and modern aesthetics symbolizing environmental consciousness. The result was a visually compelling brand identity that successfully communicated Senken’s commitment to revolutionize carbon credit trading.

We then extended our focus to the website design and development process, creating an intuitive design that aligned with the brand identity we had established earlier.

To maintain consistency across all touchpoints and future design endeavors, we also created a comprehensive design guide for Senken. This guide outlined the visual elements, typography, color palette, and usage guidelines that would be employed consistently throughout the brand's materials.

Part 3: MVP Design
Delivered in 2 weeks

Designing the Product

Based on the insights gathered from the user research and expert interviews, in addition to our research on marketplaces in different industries, we moved forward to design the MVP for the Senken marketplace. Our objective was to create a user-friendly interface that addressed the pain points identified, while simplifying the technicalities of blockchain to the end users.

Following user-centered design principles, we developed a user experience that simplified the process of trading carbon credits, providing users with a seamless, efficient, and transparent platform.

Part 4: User Interviews
Delivered in 2 days

Testing the Senken Prototype

To validate our design and further refine the user experience, we conducted extensive testing on the Senken prototype. Through live moderated online tests with 6 participants, we gathered real-time insights into users' thoughts, reactions, and interactions all across the platform.

The testing process revealed valuable insights, which allowed us to uncover usability issues, gauge user satisfaction, and identify areas for optimization. We were then able to formulate recommendations and make iterative design improvements, to improve the Senken marketplace and ensure that the final product meets the needs and expectations of the target audience.


How did it fare?

Our collaboration with SENKEN to design, ideate, and validate a user-friendly marketplace for carbon credits on the blockchain, has revolutionized carbon credit trading.

Through user research, testing, and iterative design, we successfully addressed the pain points and motivations of carbon credit traders, resulting in a successful product that facilitates efficient transactions, and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, the lean branding strategy effectively differentiated Senken in the market and established it as a trustworthy and innovative player in the industry.

Following the launch of the Senken marketplace, the results surpassed our expectations. 

Over 20,000,000 tradable carbon credits, which is 6% of the global voluntary carbon market.

A total of $7.5 MM raised - demonstrating financial viability and potential for growth.

Onboarding 25+ carbon credit projects from Brazil to Indonesia - expanding the geographical reach and impact of the marketplace.

These numbers not only showcase the scale of trading and environmental impact achieved through the Senken marketplace, but also highlight its financial success and ability to attract projects from various regions.

Through our collaborative work, we have streamlined the process of carbon credit trading, generating meaningful outcomes and making it easier for traders to contribute to environmental sustainability issues.

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