Who We Are

Based in Berlin; spread across the world. We believe in unique solutions for unique teams with unique challenges.

Hany Rizk

Founder & Experience Strategist

With 15 years in the UX & Product game, Hany is a 3x founder who's seen a lot of BS. He maintains the balance between user needs and business goals, and keeps the peace between design perfection and product pragmatism.

Dylan Loveday-Powell


Dylan is passionate about crafting super-smooth, super-fun, and super-effective experiences. Whether he's scribbling on paper or weaving design magic in the digital realm, he's all about helping users and businesses find their happy place.

Guilda Sfeir

User Researcher

Guilda is a psychologist who knows what makes us tick and how we're all delightfully different. She's the insight collector, ensuring our designs are a seamless blend of user-centered brilliance.

Michael Ohms

Art Director

18+ years in design. Michael's your go-to guy for all things UI and UX, from mobile apps to web wonders. He's a prototyping pro and a visual design virtuoso, and he thrives on the good kind of creative chaos.

Farhad Pocha

Senior UX Consultant

Farhad is an experience designer, facilitator and coach of over 10 years. He excels in bringing teams together to guide them through complex challenges and design resilient solutions.

Our Pool of Associates


A curated crew of talented contractors and ex-colleagues that join our projects on demand. 

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