Designing an innovative concept, brand, and product ecosystem to bring Frame NFTs to the Metaverse

Design Sprint
UX Strategy
MVP Design
Lean Branding
Ongoing project, delivery is activity-dependent.
Part 1: Concept Ideation & Validation
Delivered in 1 week

Would people want to frame their NFTs in the Metaverse?

To explore the desirability of framing NFTs in the Metaverse, we rapidly prototyped a series of frames to encase a collection of NFTs, featuring both generative art and PFPs.

We then showcased the collection in an immersive online 3D gallery, and went on to seek feedback from NFT artists and collectors.

The initial response was overwhelmingly positive, effectively validating our hypothesis and encouraging us to proceed with our work.

Part 2: UX Research & Strategy
Set up in 1 week; ongoing activity

Who are our users? What are their needs, and what are they trying to achieve?

To better understand our target user base and their unique needs, we dove deeper into our research.

The research revealed that there is a market for frame NFTs among a niche group of NFT collectors, and provided insights into how they envisioned the design and display of frame NFTs.

But our work didn't stop there. We decided to build a community around NFT art and frames, launching a Twitter account and Discord server to foster collaboration and promote open communication with members.

Part 3: Lean Branding
Delivered in 1 week

So … what name captures the essence of our brand?

To create a brand for the frame NFT project, we ran a lean branding workshop that aligned all stakeholders and created a common vision for them.

As a result, we came up with the name ‘Frahm’, which perfectly embodied our impression of the product. We see this service as being a craft in the digital age, and Frahm rang like the name of a craft family business from the renaissance era. It’s a combination of the words ‘Frame' and 'Rahmen' (frame in German), conveying exactly what the brand is about.

With the brand story in mind, we then developed an eye-catching visual identity and tone of voice for Frahm.

Part 4: MVP Design
Ongoing, iterative activity

Designing the product

Next, we set out to design the Frahm website, which includes informational content and a warm video, that explain and showcase the product.

We integrated a demo framing tool, that allows visitors to connect their wallets and encase their own NFTs in some of our sample frames. The tool also let them download their framed NFTs as images and Twitter cover photos, and generate links to view them in 3D.

Our approach was a hit; seamlessly introducing our product, and creating a buzz on social media and Discord!


How did it fare?

We innovated with the Genesis Collection minting mechanism, by limiting it to a strict time window.

Within 48 hours, Frahm sold 476 frames for a total of 51 ETH (a little over $150k at the time).

Frahm is now living up to its promise of creating the framing ecosystem for the metaverse.

We have since built and launched the Frame Development Kit, an online editor for anyone to design and mint their own frame for personal use or resale. We have also launched the Gallery, a new and unique way to display and experience fine digital art in 2D and 3D.

Frahm has also had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous acclaimed crypto artists, creating commissioned frames that truly showcase the beauty of the artists' NFTs.  

Case studies

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User Research
Lean Branding
MVP Design
Web design

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User Research
Design Sprint

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Lean Branding
Web Design
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